Monday, October 15, 2007

What’s the score?!?

This article does a better job at explaining it then I ever could. (Click to read)

October 14, 1992

Here’s my recap of the story.  I was attending school in Nyack, NY.  The game was on in the main hall of the dorm.  Instead of watching it, I decided to head to the music practice rooms with Dottie to, um, practice.  Yeah.. That’s what it’s called.  Before walking out of the dorm, I checked the score pirates were winning.  Cool.  They win this game and they’re headed to the World Series. 

Dottie and I ‘practiced’ and when I got back to the dorm, the entire place was quiet.  I thought they were Pirates haters and weren’t happy that they won. 

“What’s the score?” I asked. 

“Braves 3, Pirates 2, Game over”. 

I was shocked, stunned.  It was like someone kicked my grandmother down a flight of stairs. 

Still to this day, I will never forget that night.  Still to this day, when someone asks “What’s the score?” My gut instinct replies…

“Braves 3, Pirates 2”

To this day, they have not had a winning season since. 


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